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Born in Southern Italy, in Bari, she has worked in Lisbon since 1991.

After completing her university degree in Portuguese and French Literature she started off devoting herself to making cultural programmes in Italy. For many years she worked as an independent film curator, working mainly with Cinemateca Portuguesa and other institutions in Portugal, Italy, France and Brazil.

In 1998 she produced her first documentary film. Since then, choosing to diversify her forms and strategies of creation, she has developed work that migrates frequently towards exhibition halls and which shifts between cinema and visual arts.

Using different mediums, she focuses her creation on topics pertaining to nomadism and interculturalism while at the same time investigating the relationship between cinema and the other arts.

Since 2004 she has devoted herself to creating a gallery of filmed portraits (installations) centering on questions pertaining to acting within a portrait, the exposure time, the relationship with the model and the consequences arising from this. 

She is currently also working on a new documentary project.

In partnership with Moritz Elbert, she develops projects involving creating visual identity, photography and graphic and editorial design.

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